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Let’s talk beauty: February issue

SOLI FEB beauty-page-0



Wanna be sweet?


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Let’s talk beauty: November issue

I’ve been in charge of writing, producing and conceptualizing our beauty pages and our shoots are always lovely. But somehow I lack time or keep forgetting to write posts about them. So here goes our November 2012 (fashionably late, I know lol) holiday issue with sparkling/ metallic hues and standout colors. This is one of my fave shoots because we shot it at a nice hotel, quite different from our usual studio shoots and the two Brazilian models Danielle and Jessica are so pretty!



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Color me Summer!

The heat is getting into my head.


And it’s driving me crazy.

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So. The neverending argument.



Art vs Moneyz. Does anybody still give a shit?

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Why Tuesday?



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Seeing Doubles


Louis Vuitton’s latest graphic collection is everywhere!

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About a lie.


Don’t dream about a man who’s still alive.

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Trolling in the deep.

It’s past 2am. Everything’s dark and still here in my black hole. Well, except for the slight humming of my electric fan, and the faint sounds coming from the low-volumed TV, and my restless mind that doesn’t seem to want to shut the eff up.


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Exciting things to come.

Now on to the lighter side of things! Ber months mean more magazine pages and well, the inevitable¬† madness of stress, rushing for deadlines, heaps and heaps of products, endless shoots, etc. etc. etc. But looking at the bright side, it also means that we can do all the “spreading” we want: beauty, fashion, and most importantly, personality spreads.


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